Top Post Care Tips after Sclerotheraphy For Long Lasting Results

Sclerotheraphy is done to reduce spider veins and provide you better health. The procedure includes sclersosant that is being injected into the veins so that they can stick altogether. The results are different in every case so nothing can be guaranteed in this treatment. There are several other issues like redness in the skin, bruising or tenderness that may be caused due to the use of bandages and tapes so you should take care to get the best results. In this post we have mentioned few post-care tips that will help you get better results.

These days, it is quite easy to get any treatment. You can easily find a dermatologist in your area that provides Sclerotherapy. You can go online and look for top dermatologists who provide services in your area. You can contact them to know more about the services provided by them and book an appointment.

The top-rated clinics have a professional dermatologist and they are well educated and experienced. A professional dermatologist understands the work better and they will help you to get the best results. For the best Sclerotherapy treatment you can visit the website of northern Illinois vein clinic.

Post Care Tips

  • The spider veins may appear again after the treatment if compression instructions are not performed so you should always wear the compression stockings for long-lasting results. You must wear these stocking at least for a week or two after the treatment. If your lifestyle is includes sitting for long hours then walking in these stockings will increase the blood flow. You can remove the garment while bathing or sleeping after few days.

  • After the treatment you should not stand or sit continuously for long hours. You should keep on walking to activate your calf muscles.
  • After the treatment heat can be the potential enemy. You must avoid sauna baths or sunbaths. Due to the heat, the veins may not stick together which will be a failure of the treatment. You should also avoid any other physical activities like weightlifting or running. You should just stay active and keep walking for best results.
  • Salty food is not good after the treatment so you can avoid salty food and drink plenty of water. If you feel any pain after the treatment you can take some pain killers prescribed by your dermatologist.

These are some of the post care tips after Sclerotherapy that you must follow.

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