Keep Your Liver Healthy To Live A Healthy Life

Are you aware of the importance of liver in maintaining your health? Do you know that your liver can experience damage if you abuse alcohol? Do you have alcohol addiction? Or, do any of your loved ones suffer from alcoholism?

Alcoholism And Liver

In cases of continuous and excessive alcohol addiction, your liver can get damaged. And finally, your day-to-day life will be hampered as you will suffer from several types of health issues. Hence it is of utmost importance that you maintain your liver and keep it in a healthy state. However, if you are already experiencing liver problems, you should take the best measures to cure it.

Signs Of Liver Damage

It is not very difficult to find out if you have damaged liver as there are many prominent signs of a liver that is damaged. Here are 14 signs liver damage experts will let you know. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must visit your nearby doctor and get your liver diagnosed and treated.

  • You can suffer from Jaundice and your skin and eyes will get yellowish
  • You will suffer from abdominal pain and your abdomen will have swelling too
  • You may find abnormal swelling in your legs and ankles
  • You may find your urine as dark yellow
  • Color of your stool will be pale
  • You may find blood in your stool
  • You may find your stool is of Tar color
  • You may suffer from chronic fatigue
  • You may suffer from nausea
  • You may have loss of appetite
  • You may experience vomiting
  • You may get bruise easily that will heal very slowly
  • Your skin may become irritated and itchy
  • You may face extreme weight loss

As said above, if you have these symptoms or if any of your loved ones suffer from any of these symptoms, you must take necessary measures at the earliest.

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