Bench Press Mobility for Athletes: All That You Need to Know

Mobility is very crucial for athletes. Just think about how they need to run during their respective sports and training. While most focus on mobility of the lower body, many forget about the mobility of the upper body. Well, the bench press plays a significant role in increasing this. But people have to improve how they do the exercise especially if they are involved in football, volleyball, hockey and other sports that use the upper body more. If you are determined to increase your mobility through the bench press, there are things that you should know. Follow this article to learn more.

What Is the Target with Bench Press Mobility?

  • Shoulders – the extensions rely on the movement of the arms forwards and backwards. The bench press does exactly this as you bring the weight as close as possible to the chest.
  • Scapula – the upper back has scapulae bones that depress and retract as you perform the bench press. The more you do it in the right way, the more they gain mobility.
  •  The spine – additionally, the bench press also works on the spine through extensions. As it becomes flexible, you get to increase your mobility in an amazing way.

To achieve your mobility through chest presses, you ought to have variations apart from grabbing a barbell and pressing. According to fitness experts from 120kgs, who have been helping athletes to enhance their workouts through supplements and fitness advice, you should have about five different variations. Check out the following for more information.

Barbell Bench Press

This is the traditional bench press that every fitness enthusiast may have tried by now. It is common at gyms. While lying on the bench with your face up, grab the bar with an appropriate weight and start pressing. All the areas we have mentioned above are the target. You need a helper to be on your side in case of any problems when pressing.

Dumbbell Bench Press

This increases shoulder movement. It is a great alternative for the bar especially if you are nursing an injury in any body areas we have mentioned above. You can easily control the movement. The more you press with dumbbells, the better your mobility will be.

Kettlebell Bench Press

Just like dumbbells, kettlebells on each hand will enhance your shoulder mobility. However, the grip when lying on the bench is not the best. It is only recommended when dumbbells are not available.

Machine Bench Press

This is considered to be the best variation of the bench press for mobility. You can increase the resistance to the level you wish. It rarely causes any accidents, and you do not need a helper when pressing. Just like the barbell, it targets all the areas we mentioned above perfectly.

Final Word

It is possible to incline the bench if you want to improve spine mobility even more. This requires a consultation with a fitness expert or a doctor, however. With the above options, consistency and determination, your bench press mobility as an athlete will be greatly improved for better sports performance.



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