4 Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatments You Can Try If CPAP is not Preferred

If you don’t want to wear a CPAP mask, then there are many options available for sleep apnea treatment in Montrose, CO. This article enlists a few of them below.

Wear a dental/oral appliance

This can be a comfortable option if you don’t want to put up a CPAP mask. The sleep apnea treatment devices avert the airway from collapsing by keeping the tongue in place or by sliding the jaw of the patient forward in such a way that patients can breathe easily while they are asleep. An expert can titrate the oral appliance installed by a dental professional trained in sleep medicine. This appliance is for the patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea and don’t prefer CPAP.


This reduces the extra tissue in your throat that collapses your airway while you are sleeping. Remember that surgeries can be invasive but complex too.

Surgery includes treating the following areas:

  1. Soft palate and uvula
  2. Tonsils and adenoids
  3. Tongue
  4. Upper and lower jaw

Also, the following questions need to be asked if undergoing surgery:

  1. What is the success rate of the surgery?
  2. How will this improve your snoring or sleep apnea?
  3. Why is it a better option than other treatments?
  4. What are all of the possible risks and side effects?

Not everyone could be eligible for surgery. Many people may benefit from it than others. The negative side effects may include:

  1. Pain Bleeding and throat swelling
  2. Jaws wired shut for several days
  3. limited diet for several weeks
  4. Overnight hospital stay

Sometimes, the benefits may not be permanent. Sleep apnea may come up any time later for many patients. Surgical therapies may also not be as effective as other alternatives for treating sleep apnea.

Weight management program

Sometimes, weight loss can also help in enhancing or reducing the sleep apnea symptoms if you are overweight or obese. They may have thick necks with fatty tissues in the throat that is blocking their airway. This treatment is ideal for those who are overweight and can undergo a simple weight management program easily. Know that the treatment may be ineffective for those if the patient has a narrow nasal passage or airway.

Positional therapy

This is more of a behavioural strategy for treating positional sleep apnea. Many people tend to sleep on their back which is called the supine position. The breathing is normal when they sleep on their side. This may entail wearing a special device on the waist or back for keeping you sleeping in the side position.

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