The Adaptability Factor: Navigating Your Business Through COVID-19

Take a look around you. Things just aren’t the same. It’s amazing how quickly life can turn around in a span of just a few weeks because of an unseen enemy that has infiltrated every sector of society, not leaving even just one untouched.

When the year started, things were as normal as can be. A lot of us never saw this coming. No one did. We carried on with our lives and went about our business. We continued to live life the way we used to.

And then we got hit. Instantly, things took a sharp turn for all of us as quarantines and lockdowns were put in place. No matter if you’re running a comic book shop, a CBD store, or a book and office supplies depot, you and your coworkers were all sent home.

If you are a business owner or proprietor, you’re probably worried about how your business and people will survive. You’re definitely not alone on that boat. Several other businessmen and entrepreneurs are going through the same thing.

However, some have turned things around and are doing quite well. 

Pitch in and help out.

In NYC, the epicenter of COVID-19 in the country, a lot of businesses have lost any resemblance to their pre-pandemic state.

Establishments are now helping meet the health workers’ needs for medical and personal protective equipment. Many of them are now manufacturing face shields and face masks, selling and distributing respirators and gloves, and other similar lines of business.

Restaurants have been converted to groceries to help with the food supply. Distilleries are now making alcohol that’s not for drinking. One such example is Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn which started producing hand sanitizers upon getting the go signal from the government.

Taking a hard look at the present circumstances will help point you in the right direction of meeting legitimate needs at this time.

Go digital.

Most non-essential businesses like gyms and fitness clubs or retail shops have decided to go the digital route when the government imposed social distancing protocols.

Social distancing has adversely affected businesses across the globe as it eliminated foot traffic into physical shops in a matter of days.

For them to still peddle their wares, these smaller businesses turned to e-commerce while service-based establishments utilized the web for virtual interaction.

One clever use of the virtual domain is modeled by Familiar Creatures, an advertising agency from Richmond, VA. Not only did they take their business online, but they also did it in a helpful and supportive way that benefits the local restaurants and breweries who are having a hard time dealing with the situation.

They created a website that points locals to these establishments and encourages them to help these businesses stay afloat by buying gift cards from them.

Reformat your business.

Typically, restaurants like these thrive on dine-in customers. Given the present situation, almost all restos and diners across the nation have shifted their operations to delivery and curbside pick-ups only. This is to help minimize the number of people entering their facility and keep their operation going.

One of those businesses that have been making noise online is Portland’s Lucky Devil Lounge. The gentlemen’s club has reformatted its business operations to adapt to the climate that the pandemic set.

What was initially a strip club was transformed into a food delivery service with a twist that only they can provide. Now known as Lucky Devil Eats, they have all food orders delivered by their dancers, turning them into essential workers in the process.

By this shift, they are able to meet the people’s needs and still provide work for their employees. Perhaps a little creativity and ingenuity can help breathe life and energy into your business.

The ability to adapt has been one of the key factors of survival. Learning how to roll with the punches and get in a few licks yourself will help increase your chances of seeing this one through in one piece.

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